Lot Coverage Analysis

This is the lot coverage analysis done by Hans Bauman and Don Rouse, plus photos of the houses that were used to show the impact of the proposed ZORC restrictions. They're all .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files, and are relatively large -- that's why I posted them here rather than emailing them. Only a big deal if you use a phone modem.

Hans Bauman's Data Sheet with lot coverage calculations (89 KB)

Map of the WWCA neighborhood, showing the locations of houses in Hans' data sheet (211 KB)

Photos-1: 1320 N Frederick, 1409 N Buchanan (420 KB)

Photos-2: 1400 N Buchanan, 1410 N Edison (435 KB)

Photos-3: 4917 N 11th, 4822 N 16th, 1511 N Edison (433 KB)

Photos-4: 4904 N 16th, 4737 N 14th, 5001 N 14th (400 KB)

Photos-5: 5010 N 11th, 1405 N Buchanan, 1208 N Columbus (401 KB)

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