Letter to County Board Chairman Barbara Favola on Proposed Lot Coverage Restrictions

November 20, 2004

Arlington County Board
Arlington County, Virginia
#1 Courthouse Plaza, Suite 300
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

Honorable Barbara Favola, Chairman

Subject: Proposed Lot Coverage Restrictions

The Arlington County Civic Federation is aware that there is a new proposal from the Zoning Ordinance Review Committee (ZORC) to reduce the current maximum lot coverage of 56%. Three years ago, our Planning & Zoning Committee organized a Public Forum to review three earlier lot coverage options proposed by ZORC and found no consensus for any of the proposed alternatives.

The Planning & Zoning Committee is looking at doing another Public Forum to get input from property owners on the ZORC recommendations, in order to prepare a report and resolution for a Civic Federation delegates vote.

Given the complexity of the new ZORC recommendations, we ask that the County Board allow about three months between the advertisement of the new ordinance and the County Board vote, so we can have adequate time to schedule and complete these important steps.

We feel this is important, and we ask that you include it in your discussions of these matters. We look forward to your response to our letter. Please feel free to contact me via telephone at: 703-528-3935, or via email at; pat@civfed.org.

Thank you.


Patrick A. Smaldore Jr.
President, Arlington County Civic Federation