Motorcycle Touring & Camping

How It Began

I bought my first motorcycle in 1963, while working at a summer job in Ohio. That fall I rode it about 650 miles back to college in New Hampshire. The bike was a 200 cc single-cylinder two-stroke, with a top speed of maybe 50 mph. The headlight didn't work, so I was limited to riding in daylight hours. But it got me started in motorcycle touring and camping, and I never looked back.


I belong to the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers, a diverse group of people who have two things in common: We like to ride, and we like to camp. Members decide when and where they want to have a campout, and post a notice in the club's newsletter. When the date arrives, people just show up. There may be three campers or sixty-three. We have a saying, "It only takes two people to make a campout."

There are opportunities to camp with us all over the country. Here's a map of where we held campouts during 2002 and 2003. IBMC members themselves come from almost every state and ride many different brands and sizes of motorcycles. This map shows the most recent member distribution.

Other Camping & Touring Sites

The IBMC web site has links to additional sites dealing with motorcycle camping and touring. These are two of my favorites:

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