Mapping Software

Feature Comparison

I put together this table out of frustration that none of the desktop mapping software out there has a "complete" set of features for working with (Garmin) GPS units. For example, MapSource is very tightly integrated with Garmin units, but lacks some basic features like finding street addresses and importing waypoints from other programs. Street Atlas can look up multiple addresses in bulk, but has trouble downloading that data to a Garmin unit. Streets & Trips can find addresses in both the U.S. and Canada, but can't download to GPS units at all, and can't export the data in text format. Thus, you really need all the programs to get a good feature set.

  Garmin MapSource DeLorme Street Atlas Microsoft Streets & Trips EasyGPS Basic
Import Waypoints No Yes (text) Yes (text) No
Export Waypoints Yes (text) Yes (text) No No
Upload Waypoints from GPS Yes Claimed No Yes

Download Waypoints to GPS

Yes Claimed No Yes
Show Waypoints on Map Yes Yes Yes No
Export Map No No Yes (GIF) No
Download Map to GPS Yes No No No
Find Street Address Yes (GPS unit) / No (desktop) Yes (multiple) Yes (multiple) No
Includes Canada Available No Yes N/A
Cost $100 each mapset $50 $50 Free



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